Plant your wish
The first picture book I wrote and illustrated by myself. A story about the language of flowers, showing their meanings and uses in the most significant moments of our life all around the globe.
Jasmine the main character, travels around the world specifically in Asia, America and Europe, giving flowers to who she encounter and face difficulties.
The message I wanted to convey with my book is that flowers are a secret language to convey messages and sentiments that aren't always possible to express with words.
The door of solitude
A short illustrated story inspired by "The House of Asterion" written by Jorge Luis Borges. I entitle it "The door of Solitude".
A story about a minotaur who is outcasted and left alone by others because he is different from everyone else. However his friend aka his antagonist helps him to find the courage to embrace himself and step out of his solitude world.
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